About Us


The Iron Horse Pub was started by 3 guys doing what we love!  One manages the floor and is great with guests and drinks, the other is a whiz in the kitchen and puts a little love into everything he cooks and the 3rd guy, well, he's a bean counter (but hey, everyone needs one). Our entire team loves what we do an we think that makes this a pretty special place!

Mmmm... beer....

So we know that you love your craft beer and we do too!  So we have 12 beers on tap for you to satisfy your cravings.  We plan on rotating through some of the areas best.  We also want to hear from you if there is something you love and want us to carry, we can't carry everything, but are more than happy to hear our guests recommendations!

Why you want to ride this Iron Horse

We want to give you an experience!  Let's face it, you can go anywhere for a drink and bite to eat, so we know what we have to do to make you choose us.  So we aren't just a bite or a drink, we are an experience where you will enjoy a meal or something as simple as nachos and one of our craft beers on tap but feel as comfortable as it you were in your own home and that everyone around you is a friend!